Advice For Best Results

How to Use Samsol Hair Color

Instructions for Hair Dying

  • Shampoo and dry hair prior to application.
  • For the first time application, part hair with a comb, apply Samsol Hair Color and spread evenly with the applicator provided in the pack. Leave application for 30 minutes.
  • For subsequent applications, apply Samsol Hair Color to root areas where graying has occurred.
  • Rinse hair until the water runs clear. Dry, set and style hair.


Instruction for Hair Color Mixing

  • To open the Cream Developer+Conditioner pack, bend along the perforated line at the top and twist gently.
  • Mix onetube of cream with two packs. Excessive use of Cream Developer + Conditioner is not advisable, use only as much as required. Third pack is additional.
  • Apply as soon as the paste starts darkening in color.


What does Samsol Hair Color for Your Hair
Graying or white hair will regain its natural color, gloss and luster.  You can look forward to a flattering hair color. This product is ammonia free and rich in conditioners, each treatment will add sheen and softness to your hair. Use Samsol Hair Color with confidence for a happy youthful appearance.



  • A prior skin allergy test is recommended. Mix small quantity of Samsol Air Color and apply to the inside of your elbow.  Should the skin redden within 24 hours, do not proceed with treatment.
  • Allow a two week interval between successive color treatments.
  • Do not use on eyebrows or eye lashes.
  • Gloves (provided) and a protective plastic cover over clothing will prevent staining.


Samsol Shampoo

New Samsol Shampoo, formulated to keep your hair soft, shiny and full of bounce.  Egg protein not only nourishes the hair but also imparts conditioning effect.  Regular use of gentle Samsol Shampoo will nourish and enrich your hair down to the roots, enhancing its natural body and leaving each strand clear and tangle free. Samsol Shampoo a delightful way to exciting hair, the Samsol Way.


How to use

  • Apply to wet hair.
  • Massage for sixty seconds, then rinse.
  • Repeat, if you like.
  • Dry your hair


Samsol Hair Removing Lotion and Cream

Gentle Samsol Hair Removing Lotion and Cream have been scientifically developed to remove unwanted hair from face, arms, under arms and legs quickly, easily and safely. After the use, your skin is left smooth and soft.



  • Do not use on scratched or inflamed skin.
  • Avoid the eyes.
  • Keep out of the reach of the children and away from clothes and fabrics.
  • Please secure cap tightly and store in cool dry place.
  • If using Samsol Hair Remover for the first time, test a small area 24 hours before application. If irritation occurs consult your doctor.


How to Use
Apply a thin layer of cream or lotion by spatula on the desired area.  Do not rub.Check and test after 3-5 minutes to see that hair are easily removed, if not please wait a little longer.  Coarser hair of legs can take some more time.  Do not leave Cream for more than 10-12 minutes on the skin. Clean with damp cotton or shower with luke warm water.  Do not use soap.